Topics and Dates

Topics and Dates until Sommer 2019 at the Entdeckerturm:


All groups are concentrating on spring and Easter. They are tinkering and singing to the season. Soon we will begin to plant flowers and vegetables in each group. In May those plants and vegetables will be planted outside in our raised bed and flower boxes. We want to tend and care for them, watch them grow and pick the fruits in the summer!

Who am I:

Children were measured, self-portraits and picture/outliness of the whole body were made in the groups. With the “Flummi” song we tested how movable we are and with the song “Wenn Du glücklich bist” we expressed our feelings. We want to research how a child grows, what we can do with body parts, which family belongs to us, from which countries we come from and which languages we speak. We try out things and get to know each other!

Closing time at Easter

15th of April until 22nd April

Easter at the Entdeckerturm:

Wednesday 24th of April

Easter- and spring songs at the singing circle. Easter breakfast and a small surprise for the children!

The photographer will come:

Monday, the 13th of May starting at 8:30 a.m.

Parent’s evening:

Tuesday, 14th of May starting at 7 p.m.

  1. The part with all together: Health / When is my child fit enough for the Kindergarten?
  2. The part in the groups

Bridge day:

Friday, 31st of May

Summerfestival at the Entdeckerturm:

Friday. 21 st of June

We celebrate the summer at the Entdeckerturm

It begins at 3 p.m.!

The toothbrush fairy comes:

On the 19 th of June at the Bienen

On the 28 th of June at the Raupen

On the 1 st of July at the Libellen

On the 2 nd of June at the Ameisen

Closing time at summer:

29 th of July until 11 th of August

Planing day:

12 th of August

The new  Kindergarten year in Entdeckerturm:

13 th of August: The Kindergarten year begins for all continue children

15 th of August: The setting period for new Children starts